Add NetVault Client

We need to add the client under NetVault Backup Server client list. Once the client added we can start protect the client. Before do that, we need to disable the NetVault Client Security in NetVault Configurator.

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NetVault Client for Windows (Installation)

In backup environment, protecting server is vital because server is the one serve the data to the user. In order to protect the server, we need to install NetVault Client Software. NetVault support wide number of operating system like Windows, Linux, FreeBDS & Solaris.

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Protect NetVault Database (NVDB)

NetVault Database (NVDB) is part of main component in NetVault Backup Software. It is important to protect NVDB everyday. It contain configuration, backup index, scheduler, logs and etc. If NVDB corrupted, we can recover the NVDB from the daily protected NVDB.

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NetVault Backup Server (Installation)

Hi All,

Im back. Very long didn’t write a post in my blog. Today I will share a bit about NetVault Backup Software. Beside that I will covered installation of NetVault Backup Server which is the main component of the software.

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