Create NetApp ONTAP 9.1 Aggregate

Aggregate is a group of disks that protected by RAID Protection. In NetApp ONTAP 9.1 where currently I used for this simulator have 3 types of RAID. Purpose of RAID is to protect the data if the hard disk is failed. Different RAID Type provide different number of hard disk failed that it can hold.

Below are the 3 type of RAID Type supported by NetApp ONTAP 9.1:

  1. RAID4 -> Minimum 3 disks (2 data, 1 parity)
  2. RAID-DP -> Minimum 5 disks (3 data, 2 parity)
  3. RAID-TEC -> Minimum 7 disks (4 data, 3 parity)

Basically the purpose of parity is as backup during the data disk failed. The parity disk will continue server the data.

The space disk will kick in and rebuild the RAID Group. If no space disk and another disk is failed, the data will no longer available.

The more parity, the better protection is critical data.

Now lets create an aggregate.

Click on Hardware and DiagnosticsAggregates.

You we get as below.

Each node will have root aggregate with is store the configuration information.

Click on Create.

Enter the Name.

Browse the Disk Type and select the source of disk type. Click OK.

Set the number of disk. This is the starting disk that you want to use.

Click Change at RAID Configuration.

Select the RAID Type.

Set the RAID Group Size. Click Save.

Click Create to start creating the aggregate.

Wait until the process complete.

Below show my aggregate successfully created.

Now lets create Storage Virtual Machine (SVM).





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