Setup NetApp ONTAP 9.1 Simulator (Cluster Setup)

I will show you how to setup NetApp ONTAP 9.1 Simulator on VMware Workstation. You can download the VMware Workstation here and the NetApp ONTAP 9.1 Simulator here. Lets begin…

Open the VMware Workstation.

Click File > Open and browse the NetApp ONTAP 9.1 Simulator.

I add extra “01” at virtual machine name. This is to differentiate the simulator that I will create later.

Click Import and wait until it complete.

I do some changes at VM where I set all the Network Adapter to Host-only. By default they are two Network Adapters set to Host-only and the other two set to NAT.

Let power up the VM.

The VM will boot up the NetApp ONTAP 9.1 Simulator.

Press Enter to boot immediately.

Press Ctrl+C to access the boot menu.

Press 4 to perform clean configuration and initialize all disks. This process only perform the first time setup.

Type yes to zero disks, reset config and install a new file system.

Type yes to erase all the data on the disks.

Wait until the rebooting process complete.

Below show the system initialization has completed successfully. Type yes to confirm and continue.

Press enter to set e0c as node management interface port.

Enter the IP Address, Netmask and Gateway.

Now I can access the simulator from web browser using IP Address that I set to configure cluster.

Below show the view of cluster setup from the web.

We will not configure the cluster from the web. We will press Enter and continue complete cluster setup using the command line.

Type create to create a new cluster.

Type no this is because I plan to create a dual node cluster later.

Since the VM is connected to vSwitch Host-only. I will enter yes.

Type yes to use default setting.

Enter the admin password.

Wait for few minutes to create cluster interfaces…

Now, enter the cluster name.

Enter the the cluster base license key.

Wait until the creating cluster process complete.

Press enter to skip additional license key.

Press enter to use default cluster management interface port.

Complete the IP Address and Netmask information.

Enter the DNS domain name and the name server IP Address.

Enter the controller location.

And now the cluster setup is now completed.

At login section, use username “admin” and password that you set before this.

Enter command cluster show . It will list of the node in the cluster.

Later we will see two node in the cluster after we join into this cluster.

As we know, NetApp is a storage and is have a hard disk. In this simulator, we will have virtual hard disk. You can see it as below.

They are 14 disks that unassigned. So we need to assign it the the node.

Below show that all the disks have been assign to the node.

OK. Looks like the cluster is ready. Now lets setup the another VM and join it into the cluster.


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