Create NetApp ONTAP 9.1 SVM

SVM is stand for Storage Virtual Machine. Purpose of SVM is to provide an isolated data serving. This is to secure the data that present to the client. Plus each SVM can have different administrator.

Now lets create SVM.

Click on SVM > Create.

Set the SVM Name.

Select the Volume Type. In this example I choose FlexVol volume.

Select the Data Protocols. In this example I choose CIFS and NFS.

Select Security Style. In this example I choose Mixed.

Choose the Root Aggregate.

Click Submit & Continue.

Below show the example of the configuration.

I just skip this section.

I set the SVM Administrator password and click Submit & Continue.


I set the password for username vsadmin. Click Submit & Continue.

Here the summary of the configuration. As you can see below the at CIFS/NFS Configuration, the protocol is not configured for this SVM. We need configure the protocol so that we can access the storage from clients. Click OK.

The SVM is ready. Now lets create CIFS and NFS share. 🙂



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