Configure NetApp ONTAP 9.1 SVM CIFS Protocol

Before we can access the storage from client, we need to setup the protocol. In this example I will show you how to configure SVM CIFS Protocol. We also need a Active Directory (AD) in order to enable CIFS Protocol. I will used my existing AD for this example.

Click on SVM that you just create.

Click on SVM Setting.

Under Protocols, click CIFS.

At Configuration Tab, click on Setup.

You will received a warning where the SVM does not have any data LIF configured. You check this post on how to configure SVM data lif.

Enter the NetBIOS Name.

Enter Domain.

Enter Username.

Enter Password.

Below show the example configuration.

Click Setup.

Now the CIFS Protocols is started.

Please make sure the DNS/DDNS under SVM Settings > Services is configured correctly. If the it will failed to join domain.

Lets create a volume and share the volume so that we want start using the storage on windows client.


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