Configure NetApp ONTAP 9.1 SVM Data LIF

SVM required a data lif in order to communicate with client. During early configuration, I skip the data lif configuration. In this post, I will show you how to configure data lif.

Click on Network.

I will create a Subnets first. This will ease my configuration because it will assigned DHCP to data lif.

If you want to assigned static IP then you can skip the Subnets configuration.

Click Create.

Enter a Name.

Set the Subnet IP/Subnet mask.

Set the IP Addresses.

Choose the Broadcast Domain.

Below show the example of creating subnet.

Click Create.

Below show subnet information.

Creating subnet is done. Now lets create data lif for SVM.

Click on Network > Create.

Enter the Name.

Select the Interface Role as Servers Data.

Select the SVM.

Select the Protocol Access.

Select the Assign IP Address.

Select the Port.

Below show the example configuration.

Click Create.

Now the data lif for SVM is ready.

So we can proceed to configure the CIFS/NFS Protocol.


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