Install VMware Workstation

For my lab I will using VMware Workstation. It is a hypervisor software that share the host resources to the Virtual Machine (VM). Multiple VMs with guest operating system like Windows 10, Windows Server 2019, Ubuntu Desktop, CentOS 7 and etc on the same host.


  • Open web browser and search for VMware Workstation.
  • Click on Download VMware Workstation Pro.
  • Choose and Download the VMware Workstation Pro.
  • Once the download complete. Run the software.
  • Click Next.
  • Tick “I accept the terms…” and click Next.
  • Tick “Enhanced keyboard driver…” and left the rest as default. Click Next.
  • At User Experience Setting, click Next.
  • At Shortcuts, click Next.
  • Click Install.
  • Wait until the installation complete.
  • If have license, click License and install the key. If not click Finish.
  • Click Yes to restart computer. (Enhanced keyboard driver required to restart to take effect.)
  • Run the VMware Workstation. Here show the interface of VMware Workstation.

The VMware Workstation is ready.

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