Create Virtual Machine

Virtual Machine (VM) is container to run guest operating system like Windows, *nix and etc. Hypervisor layer which is VMware Workstation allow VM to use the resources like Processor, RAM, Storage, Network and etc.


  • Open VMware Workstation
  • At File, Click New Virtual Machine.
  • Click Next.
  • Select the “I will install…” and click Next.
  • Select the correct Guest operating system and version. Click Next.
  • Left the value default or change it if need. Click Nex.t
  • Set the disk size and click Next.
  • Review the setting and click Finish.
  • Here show the VM is created successfully.
  • VM devices setting can be change to it need. Click Edit virtual machine settings to change the value like Memory, Processors and etc.
  • Below show the value that have been change.
  • To install the operating system, edit the setting and load the guest operating system ISO at CD/DVD.
  • Click Power on this virtual machine and start to install the operating system.

Once the operating system installation is complete. The Virtual Machine is ready.

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