Ubuntu Reading Documentation

Like others operating system, Ubuntu also included the documentation with their system. This will help you to understanding the system and perform troubleshooting.

Using Man Pages

The man command followed by the name of command or program will show the manual pages. All the Man pages are stored in places like /usr/share/man and /usr/local/share/man, but to read a man page for ls command, use the man command as below:

Press enter and you will see the man page of ls command.

To scroll the page:

  • vertically – press arrow down/up
  • horizontally – press arrow right/left
  • next page – press spacebar

To search to, use the forward slash (/) and enter the string.

To quit man page, press q

If you like to have extensive manual page, use info command as below.

To navigate use the arrow keys and press q to quit reading.

Using apropros

Another helpful commands for accessing documentation, you can use the apropos command. Example as below:

The man -k command is provide same output as apropos.

Using whereis

Another handy command to find a command and its documentation. You can use the whereis command. Example as below.

The command output show the location of top command documentation. top command display Linux processes like CPU, RAM, running program/services.

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