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Basic Understanding the Linux File System Hierarchy

Linux file system is inherited from UNIX. Knowing there directories can help you find files when you need them. I also not remember all but it is to know some of it.

/The root directory
/binEssential commands
/bootBoot loader files, Linux kernel
/devDevice files
/etcSystem configuration files
/homeUser home directories
/libShared libraries. kernel modules
/lost+foundRecovered files (if found after a file system check)
/mediaMount point for removable media, such as DVDs and floppy disks
/mntUsual mount point for local, remote file systems, file systems that are additional to the standard, such as a DVD-ROM or another HDD
/optAdd-on software packages
/procKernel information, process control
/rootSuper user (root) home
/sbinSystem commands (mostly root only)
/sysReal-time information on devices used by the kernel
/tmpTemporary files
/usrSoftware not essential for system operation, such as application
/varVariables files relating to services that run on the system, but whose contents are expected to change regularly during normal operation
Basic Linux Directories

To read the ma page for the Linux file system hierarchy. Use below command.

  • man hier

This returns a detailed listing, with a description of each part.

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