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Clean Up Clone Windows Using SYSPREP

Before the clone VM with Windows Operating System can be use, it need to be “generalized”. SYSPREP (System Preparation Tool) is a tools from Microsoft.


  • Open the Run, type sysprep and hit Enter.
  • Double the sysprep application.
  • Select as below and click OK.
  • Wait for the reboot process.
  • Complete the information require during this setup.
  • Click Accept.
  • Set the password and click Finish.
  • The guest operating system is ready to use.

By using the VMware Clone Feature and Windows Tool Sysprep the VM creation and OS installation time can be save.

Clone Virtual Machine

Clone is a process to create another copy of source Virtual Machine (VM). This allows the process of preparing the Virtual Machine faster with the desired guest operating system.


  • Select the VM and Right Click > Manage > Clone.
  • Click Next.
  • Click Next.
  • Select “Create a full clone” and Click Next.
  • Change the VM Name and destination if need. If not click Next.
  • Please wait until the clone process is complete.
  • The cloning process is done. Click Close.
  • The clone VM will appeared in the list.
  • The clone VM show the same VM configuration.

The clone VM have identical guest operating system configuration like Computer Name, Security Identifier (SID), Hostname, Driver Cache and etc.

Power on the VM and reset the configuration using SYSPREP.