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Create NetVault Restore Job For File System on Same Server

Previous post, I successfully backup the file system from client AD01 and in this post I will do file system restoration on the same server.


  • Menu > Jobs > Create Restore Job.
  • Review the backed up set.
  • Select the backed up set and click Restore.
  • Expend the tree.
  • I will restore NetVault Client Install Software from C:\User\Administrator\Download\
  • Tick the file.
  • Press on the file to perform additional task like rename/relocate.
  • I rename the file and relocate it to restore folder. I didn’t create the restore folder. The restore job will create the folder during the process.
  • Click OK.
  • Review the setting and click Next.
  • Complete the details require.
  • I just fill in the Job Name and left the rest as default.
  • Make sure the Target Client is the same server we backup.
  • Click Save & Submit.
  • View the job status, Menu > Monitoring > Job Status.
  • Below show the restore job is complete.
  • Go to the client and check the directory and the files.
  • Below show the restore folder created and the software is restored.
  • Review the duration for restore from Menu > Monitoring > Job Status.
  • Select the job and click Manage Job.
  • It show average duration is 1 sec to restore average size 59.52 MiB (62.41 MB).

Great! The file is successfully restore. In the next post I plan to test backup and restore more large size for single file and multiple files to see the different.

Add NetVault Client To The NetVault Backup Server

Before I can start backup the client, I need to add the client on the NetVault Backup Server list. Lets add the client to the list.


  • Open NetVault Backup Server WebUI.
  • Menu > Configuration > Manage Clients
  • Click Add Client.
  • Below show the NetVault Client (AD01) is visible.
  • Let do the Firewall Test to make sure the connection between client and server is OK.
  • Select the client and click Firewall Test.
  • Below show the result and based on the result, all the test is pass.
  • Make sure the Windows Firewall on client is configure correctly.
  • Since I left the password blank during the client installation and disable the security should be I didn’t have an issue proceed add the client.
  • Optional to enter description for the client. Click Next.
  • Click Next. Since the Windows Firewall is allowing all the communication, there is no addition configuration here.
  • The client is added successfully.
  • Click on Menu > Configuration > Manage Clients
  • Below show the client AD01 is in the list.

Client already in the list, next I need to create a backup job for that client and start protect it.

Disable NetVault Client Security

Every NetVault Client have its own security. By default the security is Enable. In order to at the NetVault Client to the NetVault Backup Server I can either disable the security or enter the password for NetVault Client which is I didn’t set the password during the installation.


  • Run the CMD as Administrator.
  • change the directory to the NetVault Installation path and hit Enter.
cd "C:\Program Files(x86)\Quest\NetVault\bin"
  • The path will change to the installation path.
  • Type txtconfig and hit Enter.
C:\Program Files (x86)\Quest\NetVault\bin>txtconfig
  • This is the NetVault Client Terminal.
  • Press p and hit Enter.
  • Below show the option in the terminal.
  • I need to stop the service first.
  • Press 3 and hit Enter.
  • At Services Page, press 2 and hit Enter to stop the service.
  • The service have been stopped.
  • Press p and hit Enter to return to the previous page.
  • Enter the Security Page Number. In my terminal it show Num. 19.
  • Enter the number and hit Enter.
  • Below show the Disable Security is OFF.
  • Enter 1 and hit Enter.
  • Below show the Disable Security is ON.
  • Press p and hit Enter to return to the previous page.
  • I need to restart the service back.
  • Press 3 and hit Enter.
  • Press 2 and hit Enter.
  • Below show the NetVault Services – Started.
  • Press p and hit Enter to return to the previous page.
  • Press 1 and hit Enter to enter Machine Page.
  • Type save to apply the changes.
  • Type quit and hit Enter.

The NetVault Client Security successfully disable. I can now add the client to the NetVault Backup Server.

Install NetVault Client On Windows Server

In the previous post, I share how to install the NetVault Backup Server and create a media target called Virtual Tape Library (VTL). I will protect the Domain Controller that I already created. Before I can backup the target client, I need to install the NetVault Client.

The trial can be download here.


  • Run the NetVault Client for Windows.
  • Set the language and click OK.
  • Install all the required Microsoft Visual C++. If the Windows already updated, the required software will not appear.
  • Click Next.
  • Click “I accept the agreement” and click Next.
  • Click Next.
  • Click Next.
  • I left the password section blank and click Next.
  • Review the details and click Next.
  • Wait until the installation finish.
  • The installation is completed. Click Finish.
  • Below show the NetVault Service on Client.

The NetVault Client is ready. Lets add the client to the NetVault Backup Server and protect it.