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Understanding Ubuntu Distribution Version and Kernel Numbering Schema

Every operating system have numbering system to differentiate the release date and the version. For Ubuntu, we need to know tow numbering which is distribution version and kernel numbering.

To get the distribution version, use below command:

  • uname -v

To get the kernel numbering, use below command:

  • uname -r

Below show the result.

Here the explanations for 20.04

  • The Ubuntu was release on April 2020.
  • The code for this OS is Focal Fossa.
  • Since this OS is LTS (Long Term Support), the next OS with LTS will be on April 2022 (Every two years).
  • LTS are intended for production use.
  • More details here.

Here the explanation for 5.8.0-48.generic

  • 5 – Major version
  • 8 – Minor version
  • 0 – Patch level
  • nn.generic – Developer patch level.