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Ubuntu 20.04 – Update and Upgrade

Update and upgrade activities are to ensure the system received latest security and bug fixes either for operating system or application.

In this post, I will show how to perform and update and upgrade using command line.

Here the steps:

Click the menu at the bottom and at type terminal at the search box.

Click on Terminal.

Before that update/upgrade, record the details of the version and release.

To get those information use command below:

  • uname -v
  • uname -r

To get check the update, type below command

  • sudo apt update

Once the checking complete. You will see the number of packages can be upgraded.

To upgrade the software use command below:

  • sudo apt full-upgrade

The full-upgrade ensure that any-dependencies that needed will be installed, even if major changes are needed. You can also use the option upgrade even isn’t as smart as full-upgrade, but it might be a better choice on a production server because upgrade does not make major changes to software installations.

Below show the upgrade process is complete.

I run again the below command to check any changes on the version of operating system.

  • uname -v
  • uname -r

After verified, there is not changes after the full-ugprade action.