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Create NetVault Virtual Tape Library (VTL)

NetVault Backup Server come with feature to create own target media called Virtual Tape Library (VTL). This VTL emulate tape libraries on disk.

Since the VTL is on disk, it provide flexibility to perform quick backups to disk or duplicate the backups to physical devices for off-site storage.

VTL can handle any number or concurrent NetVault Backup Client backups depends on the VTL configuration. Physical tape library limits by number of drives installed.

Steps Create NetVault VTL:

  • Login to NetVault Backup Server WebUI.
  • Menu > Configuration > Manage Devices.
  • Click Add Device
  • Select Virtual Tape Library and click Next.
  • Select the Virtual Tape Library. Click Next.
  • Choose the machine and click Next.
  • Complete the information require.
  • Make sure the disk space is enough.
  • Amount of disk space can be adjust by change the media capacity and number of slots.
  • Click Next.
  • Below show the example configuration. Since I have 120 GB usable disk space. I just create the media capacity and number of slots that will fit inside it.
  • The VTL is successfully created.

Steps View Netvault VTL:

  • Click Menu > Configuration > Manage Devices.
  • Below show the NetVault VTL with List View (Default).
  • The Green Icon show the VTL is ready.
  • Below show the NetVault VTL with Tree View.
  • Here show the number of slots. This view is look alike physical tape library.
  • Below show the NetVault VTL file from Windows perspective.

Awesome! The NetVault VTL is ready to use.