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Join A Client To A Domain Controller

To join the domain controller, the client needs to set the DNS information to the DNS Server. We can configure the DNS information at Network Setting.

Below are the settings.

After the configuration is done, open My Computer > Right Click > Properties.

The Workgroup Section the default value. Click on Change Settings.

Click Change.

Select the Domain and enter the Domain Controller you want to join. Click OK.

Enter the administrator username and password. Click OK.

Below show the client is successfully joined the hadiyahyalab domain. Click OK.

The client is request for reboot. Make sure close all the application and save any open document. Click OK.

Click Close.

Click Restart Now.

Wait until the restart complete.

At login screen, select Other user. Enter the username with <Domain Name>\<Username>. Enter the Password and Hit Enter.

Now, the client able to login into the domain environment. Below show the domain setting.

Below show that the client is registered at Computer under hadiyahyalab domain. This view is from Domain Controller Active Directory Users and Computers Tools.